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Tourists have always been drawn to Ital in search of beauty, culture and romance. For centuries, Italy has inspired poets, painters, composers, writers, film-makers and designers. From Shakespeare’s star crossed lovers and Dante’s personal journey to Bernini’s emotive sculptures and Caravaggio’s sinister art, this country has evoked the light and dark from every creative soul that has crossed its path. Few countries can compete with its art and architecture, while its musical scene has informed the rest of Europe for hundreds of years. This is the reason why we have selected the Best Luxury Italy Hotels across the country.

The Italian landscape cannot be separated from the country’s culture, the cuisine directly informed by the sparkling shores of the Mediterranean or the sun-drenched hills of Tuscany. The best Luxury Italy hotels take their inspiration from the land itself. Italy is an amazing diverse country with a rich cultural heritage. Italy’s location at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, shielded from the rest of Europe by the vast sweep of the Alps allow it a majesty all its own and an identity that is unique within Europe. The mainland’s history of scattered principalities allows each area a strong and unique character that many hotels in Italy draw from while the islands of Sicily and Sardinia have been much contested, their beauty is undisputed.

Our Luxury Team has selected the best Luxury Italy Hotels whichever part of Italy takes your fancy. From the peaceful and crystal clear waters of Sardinia and Sicily, to luxurious city breaks. Passing from the picturesque countryside with vineyards, olive groves and Luxury Masseria’s in Puglia to elegant and chic beaches of Forte Village and Verdura Resort. Have a dream stay at the best luxury hotels in Positano, or feel pampered by the Spa and the ultimate treatments at the best boutique and luxury hotels in Tuscany. Discover our selection of the Best Italian Lakes Hotels and the special experiences for families and couples. Our Selection of the Best Luxury Italy Hotels is arranged by Expert Travel Consultants and is the result of long-lasting experience and deep knowledge of the land and its best Luxury Hotels.

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