If you want to know what to expect from Italy, which are the best regions and places to visit, what to eat, which tours to book in Italy and what you can’t miss, this is the perfect travel guide for an unforgettable Italy holiday!

This little Italy Holidays Guide will lead you through this beautiful country, in order to craft your perfect Italy Holidays.

Italy Holidays are perfect for:

  • Those who like lying on amazing beaches with crystal clear water, tasting exquisite “aperitivo” watching a breath-taking sunset and enjoying a lively family holidays in a stunning Italy Beach Resort.
  • Those who like Tours & Experiences! Our Italy Tours and adventurous experiences will show you Italy’s most famous artistic and cultural beauties while catching glimpses of lakes and imposing mountains.
  • Foodies! If you are a “buona forchetta” (good fork), as we say in Italy, then you are in your element! You will learn how to cook real Italian spaghetti, participating to cookery classes and visiting refined restaurants in Tuscany or Puglia. We will take you to little wineries in Chianti which are real gems and you will sleep in an ancient monastery that have has converted into a 5* Tuscan Retreat & Spa.
  • For those who love a tranquil and peaceful oasis with a private pool that overlooks a massive beach. Italy Villa holidays are our specialty. We craft luxury Italy Holidays that includes flights, even private jets if you like, private transfers and a dream stay in a hand-picked villa located in Sardinia, Sicily or Puglia.
  • For those who like fun, sports activities, nightlife and need excellent kids clubs and sport academies for the kids. Italy Holidays is the answer: we can suggest amazing Resorts for the perfect Italy Family Holiday.
  • Multi-Centre Holidays – for those who want culture, art and beach at the same time, Italy is the right destination.


Each Region in Italy has its own identity, and offers you something different. Let’s start our trip to Italy starting from the North. A very nice Italy Holiday could include City Breaks. Here are the Cities you cannot miss!


On the right side of this enchanting boot, you will find a region called “Veneto”, where the romantic scenery of Venice will take your breath away. Venice is something so special and unique that worth a visit once in your life.

After a boat trip through the picturesque Venice canals,  head to the trendsetting Milan, heart of Fashion and social life, and then go to the spectacular Rome, an open-air Museum that you must see once in your life. Your trip will take you to Florence and Pisa, immersing  yourself  in art and history. Continue your travel and head to the south of Italy, which is another world.


“Vedi Napoli e poi Muori” (See Naples and die) is a famous Italian motto. The Neapolitan Riviera is a real Italian gem. Voted as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its landscape; the Neapolitan Riviera is a great mix of mesmerising mountains that lead into glittering seas and stunning vertical scenes of picturesque towns and lush forest. Holidays to the Neapolitan Riviera can be very active, because the Riviera is a hot spot for hikers, or can be very relaxing and “posh”. Continue your walk through the most amazing spots of your Italy Holidays and you arrive to Puglia.

Immersed in majestic old olive trees and ancient rural villages, Puglia will leave you speechless. Puglia offers all you need: if you want a tranquil Italy Holiday, then you will have it. If you need some sparkle, fun and nightlife, then you will get it. Tasty and genuine food, massive landscapes, warm people are the main ingredients that make up your Holiday to Puglia.

If you continue walking through this impressive boot – because Italy is a boot – you will find Sicily, another amazing Region. This island is home to many cultural and natural treasures, including the Valley of the Temples and Mount Etna. Full of culture, history and the heart of world-class gastronomy, Sicily never disappoints. Sicily’s ancient villages give way to sandy beaches and rocky coves, where the main character is the sea. We recommend Sicily if you are looking for an Italy Beach Holiday and you like privacy and a refined atmosphere. But your Tour through Italy isn’t over yet.

The last but not least is one of the most popular and trendy Italian Region: Sardinia! Sardinia is a wild lady, blessed with  rugged mountains, forests and rivers, making it a wonderful destination for those seeking adventure. This Mediterranean island has quite simply the most spectacularly unspoilt beaches in the world. But it is also home to three golf courses of international reputation, the luxurious Costa Smeralda and amazing 5* Resorts.