Best Family Friendly Resort? Chia Laguna!

Chia Laguna is the Mediterranean’s Leading Family Friendly Resort at the World Travel Awards 2020

Chia Laguna is definitely the perfect place for a family holiday. If you are looking for a Beach Resort that combines spectacular beaches, unspoilt nature and the best facilities for a family, you are in the right place. This article will explore the reasons why Chia Laguna has won the title of the Best Family Friendly Resort 2020.

More than a Family Holiday: it’s a Family Experience

Your stay at Chia Laguna, in stunning Sardinia, will be more that a family holiday. Chia Laguna is the place to collect family memories and make invaluable experiences together. A family friendly resort is a place where families feel comfortable, and parents find expert staff that knows what a family is looking for. Receiving a warm welcome and a professional assistance is the first and fundamental feature of the best family friendly Resort. The second step is to take care of all the family members. That’s why Chia Laguna has created special experiences for parents as well as for kids. Let’s start with kids.

Family Holiday

The Best Family Friendly Resort must have  a special programme for kids.

Kids Clubs

As a great Family Friendly Resort, Chia Laguna knows how kids clubs are crucial for a family holiday. A big mistake that many Resort make is to mix up kids of different ages. For this reason, Chia Laguna arranges 5 different kids clubs:

Baby Nursery (0-2 yo)

A special place for little ones and mothers that need peace and tranquillity. The Resort offers baby-sitting services.

Mini Club (3-6yo)

This club is designed to let children explore, play, imagine. Drawing laboratories, cooking classes and many other activities are arranged by Chia Laguna staff for children of this age.

Cadet Club (7-10yo)

This club is all about team games, sports activities, tournaments on the beach, at the pool. This club encourages interaction and social games.

Junior Club (11-13 yo)

Older children will have group and individual activities, dribbling on the football pitch, beach volleyball and many other team activities.

Adventure Club (14-17yo)

This club is dedicated to adolescents, focused on keeping them entertained, and arranging beautiful adventures every day.


The entertainment is very important for a family friendly resort. The trained professional staff at Chia Laguna makes sure that kids have fun and make new experiences every day, in a safe environment. That’s why Chia Laguna offers something more than kids clubs.


The best family friendly Resort must have a special programme for kids: it’s the kids summer recharge. Chia is literally a paradise for kids, because this Resort knows that even children need an oasis of peace. So, the Resort has created a programme for them to relax, doing what they like and learn new things. Every day there is something new for kids: wellbeing, sports, discoveries and creativity.


Painting outdoor is a beautiful activity for kids to relax and unleash their creativity


This is Chia Laguna brilliant wellbeing activity, combining laughter with yoga breathing exercise. It’s a super fun exercise that improves coordination, emotional development and self-confidence.


There is also space for learning new skills, discovering new scents and plants. This is a sensory experience that enable kids to recognise aromatic herbs and be in contact with nature.


A lovely combination of exercise and games to wake up body and mind and be ready to have fun all day long.


Fun sessions at the Spa, where children will learn to make simple natural facial masks using ingredients like lemon, banana, kiwi, honey. We all know how children love creating strange concoctions.


Time to learn new important things, like healthy food and how to make delicious extract with fruits and veggies that they can drink at the end of the lesson.

This is just a taste of what Chia Laguna offers to families and why it is recognized as the best family friendly Resort in 2020.