Verdura Resort

The ultimate guide about your holiday to Verdura Resort

Verdura Resort Guide

The ultimate guide about your holiday to Verdura Resort 

If you are looking online for information about your dream stay in Sicily, and in particular about Verdura Resort, then you are in the right place. Read this blog where we will talk about Verdura Resort, the surrounding area, how to get there and info about the airports.

The following sections will cover detailed descriptions of Verdura Resort, the accommodations (rooms, suites and villa suites), and how to find the best deals. If you are a lovely family with kids, don’t miss precious info about kids’ activities at Verdura Resort, nurseries, babysitting, kids clubs, water sports etc..

If you are a couple looking for a romantic and relaxing holiday at Verdura Resort, then we have the right tips for you: special accommodations, romantic restaurants, special occasions for two, treatments and sports activities. We will reveal which tours and excursions are the most suitable for couples, outside Verdura Resort to explore the territory of Sciacca and the south-west Sicily.

Happy to discover everything about Verdura Resort and south-west Sicily?

Sicily, a fascinating Island

Verdura Resort

Considered to be less glamorous and famous than Sardinia, Sicily is anything but obvious and available to everyone. Sicily is a concentrate of beauty and charm waiting to be unveiled. It’s a fascinating island full of treasures, that will infuse you unforgettable sensations. Sicily is famous for the Greek Temples, in the Valley of Temples, the majestic Mount Etna, the unrivalled Sicilian cuisine, and the magnificent sandy beaches. But there is a lot more!

Verdura Resort is situated near Sciacca, in south west Sicily, a little up the coast from Agrigento. It is divided from North Africa just from a little stretch of sea, and in many ways the town owes a great deal to the Arabs who sailed across the Mediterranean in 840. Famous for its coral, fishing tradition and carnival, Sciacca is a picturesque village that worth the visit.

Sciacca: Tours and things to see

If you are planning your holiday to Verdura Resort, but also like going around and visit historical sites and natural beauties, read this Verdura Resort Guide, to have some tips on what to see. First, go to Monte Kronio”, a big mountain with the cave-chapel where the hermit Saint Calogero lived and, next to it,  the natural steam caves. Nearby you will find a number of wonderful and peaceful beaches.

Moving to the city centre, you will admire the “Castello Incantato”, the Enchanted Castle of Filippo Bentivegna. Immersed in almond trees and Saracen olive trees, you will be captured by the “Heads”, real sad or happy faces  carved in stones and trees.

Other interesting historical sites of your tour at Sciacca will be the magnificent churches: Chiesa Madre, Chiesa di Sant’Antonio, San Domenico, San Gerlando and Santa Margherita.

Sciacca is famous for its coral: the volcanic phenomena in 1831 created a particular microclimate which gave birth to a huge coral barrier reef. If you like shopping, we recommend you to buy some pieces made of coral, which colour is unique. Another beautiful experience is the Carnival of Sciacca, an ancient colourful and funny experience.

Sicilian Cuisine: what else?

Verdura Resort

One of the extraordinary experiences you will have at Verdura Resort is the Food. Sicily is very famous to be the heart of Italian Food Excellence. At Sciacca, try Tabisca Saccense”, a kind of rustic pizza cooked in a wood-burning oven, made with tomato sauce, pecorino cheese, oregano, onions and anchovies  or “Sardine soup”: sardines, potatoes, fennel and green peas. Delicious are “Ova Murina”: crêpes (almonds, cinnamon, cocoa, eggs and Marsala) and milk cream; “Cucchiteddi” made of almond paste and pumpkin jam.

The weather at Verdura Resort, in Sicily

As we said, Sciacca is very near to North Africa, so the weather is very pleasant all year long. If you plan to go to Verdura in July or August, be ready to find a very warm weather (30 degrees and more), so arrange your luggage with white and natural colours, light and fresh garments, sandals, a very high sun protections and many panama hats, to dress up in the perfect Italian style.

How to get to Verdura Resort in Sciacca, Sicily

There are two ways to arrange your ideal holiday to Verdura Resort: you can arrange it by yourself or you can have a complete assistance from Sardatur, Verdura Resort’s long-time partner. Sardatur Staff can create a complete package for you including stay, flights, and local transfers at the best price.  The departure airports are: Bristol, Edinburgh, Gatwick, Glasgow, Heathrow, Leeds, Manchester and Stansted. It is a two hour flight from London or Manchester. Your package will include the return flights and local transfers.