Italian cuisine trivia

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There are few things that Italians take as seriously as food (other than coffee and fashion) and though we may love Italian cuisine, we will never be able to understand the passion Italians attach to their food. Each region has an ingredient they are famed for, or a shop that has been crowned above all others. While you may have to hit Pompi in Rome for the tiramisu of your life, no holiday in Sicily is complete without trying caponata.


With so many elements to Italian cooking, one aspect is always the same; they use the best ingredients. Shipping your balsamic vinegar from Modena is normal, but putting a pasta shape with the wrong sauce is unthinkable. As a country that takes their food so seriously, there is a fair bit of history about the cuisine.


To test your own knowledge of the Italian cuisine, try out the quiz below.


Whether you are stuck eating macaroni or about to take your spaghetti crown, there is much to be learned from Italian eating habits. Since pasta and pizza have become staples of other countries diets, they have also been thought of as unhealthy, however you will never find a thick, and cheese stuffed crust in any self-respecting Italian pizzeria. The thin bases found all over Italy are much better for you, just as gelato is better than ice cream and many traditional pasta dishes are much less fattening than their modern English counterparts.