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How to have the most glamorous holiday in Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda is synonymous with high class style, all 20km of its pristine beaches and emerald waters have been attracting the attention of those seeking sun, sand and unending opulence. This is not to say that Costa Smeralda is snobbish, just merely exclusive and though it may be a little pricier than the rest of the island, it is worth it for celebrity appeal.


Whether you are looking for a break that encompasses the perfect luxury of complete relaxation on this glorious stretch of coast, or you long to be seen at the hip bars and best shops, Costa Smeralda is guaranteed to make your luxury holiday in Sardinia, the epitome of sublime.

Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo from the sea
Porto Cervo

As with many things in Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo is all about appearances. This beautifully quaint town may murmur of days gone by and nostalgic afternoons lost to living memory, but that is not the case. Through some clever designing and dressing, this town that was built in the 60’s seems to exude a timeless air. Porto Cervo may have an exterior of small town simplicity, but behind the artifice, each shop is a high end designer with a hefty price tag.


Despite this, the town has a lot to offer. Tiphanie Marie shared her own experience on her blog, describing Porto Cervo as: “One of the trendiest destinations in the Mediterranean area. Even though it is very luxurious (you can spot stores from incredible brands Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chopard…) it still has this authentic vibe and the architecture of the place was super special.”


To thoroughly enjoy this stylish town, where better to stay than at the heart of it? Cervo Hotel overlooks the Piazetta of Porto Cervo and is mere steps away from the old pier, this beautiful pink stone structure overlooks the yachts in the harbour and embodies the glamour that is intrinsic to Porto Cervo.


hills in the sun


For some, Sardinia is not about the sand and over-crowded beaches, instead it is an oasis of greenery, high in the hills and overlooking the stunning ocean. What better place to fully indulge yourself than away everything and watching the world go by at a distance? Whether you are looking to trek the surrounding hills, or enjoy the sea breeze on a private terrace, Colonna Pevero Hotel is splayed on the hillside with incredible views of the Gulfo Pevero to greet you as you enjoy the local cuisine.


Getting away from the beach is also an opportunity to catch up on some much needed beauty R and R. Though sea water can be great for your skin up to a point, beyond that it can cause dehydration and irritation, so keep yourself looking ‘A list’ by managing it while on holiday. If you are prone to dry skin then too much time in the sun, sea and sand can only exacerbate this. This can easily be premeditated by packing Hydra Floral Hydrating Light Cream from Declor as a perfect way to banish dull skin.


The hillsides also attract the glittering rich in the evenings, as one of Costa Smeralda’s most exclusive clubs is hidden away from the silvery sands. Ritual Club appears to be ruins on a hillside, but being half indoor, half outdoor, it has a dreamlike quality. If after the party you are looking for somewhere to recuperate, Hotel Petra Bianca is the perfect spot to enjoy the stars and awake to glorious views.


Beautiful BeachThe beach is what many people envisage when they think of Sardinia, and Costa Smeralda has beaches that cater to every need. Of course, as with mainland Italy, the glamorous life is all about style that marries fashion with function. No piece of clothing will ever reach the iconic status of the hat and investing in a show stopping sun hat before departing will guarantee that you stand out from the crowd. A hat like the Odette from Rosie Olivia Millinery  is guaranteed to get you notice while you enjoy the bay beneath Hotel Pitrizzia.


If you are in search of your own slice of sandy paradise, Hotel Cala di Volpe may be the perfect hotel. Combining the island’s authentic style with elegance, Hotel Cala di Volpe has the added luxury of a private beach.


Private coveIn the true style of the rich and famous, while others may yearn for attention, you will want nothing more than to escape to your own haven. Though Costa Smeralda is the undisputed Mediterranean hot spot, there are still secluded corners that cut the crowds and not the quality.


L’Ea Bianca is the ultimate hideaway, perfectly private, with its own area of beach and the multitude of facilities that you have come to expect of a luxury resort. If a private beach is even too busy for you, take a leaf out of Lisa Codina’s book. Though sandcastles may be perfect for even the most discerning child, for a grown up getaway find a quiet cove only accessible by boat:


“These are rare moments as a mother when you get to kick your feet up and relax, in peace and tranquility.


“The only sound you can hear is the motor running and the waves crashing against the boat. The feeling of the warm summer wind blowing on your face and the sun shining down on you is unparalleled.”


Any stay on this gorgeous corner of Sardinia will be inexplicably memorable but if you feel you have to blend with the rich and famous that descend upon the island like migratory birds, make sure you plan ahead and find the perfect accommodation on this glorious stretch of coast. From world class spas to cerulean seas, there are many reasons why the celebrities return to this stunning destination.