Chocolate Festival

The Chocolate Festival in Alghero

There can be nothing sweeter than a Chocolate Festival!


Many Italians think that this is the best way to say goodbye to Winter and the Feste del Cioccolato Nazionali is a festival you cannot miss.


The “Feste del Cioccolato Nazionali” is organised by a group of artisan chocolatiers. With the mission statement “Choco Love” this National association of chocolatiers aim at spreading the culture of chocolate creation and the art of its processes.


The city where the event will take place is called Alghero which is located in North Sardinia. During the festival you can taste and buy all different types of chocolate prepared by Master Chocolatiers from all over Italy.


Also, during the celebration there will be Choco Play educational workshops to entertain children and young adults. The workshops aim at making you aware of the different process there are to transform chocolate into various shapes, flavours, colours, fragrances and above all to keep the “taste” of the chocolate.


A popular activity at the chocolate festival is the Choco Sculptures which are created by Stefano Comelli every year- each sculpture depicting a symbol of the city.

Choco Sculture – Feste del cioccolato 2017
Choco Sculture – Feste del cioccolato 2017



Chocolate of every flavour and every shape will be in the city of Alghero. It is an unmissable event for true chocolate lovers and connoisseurs. Do you dare join in and sweeten your fingers?


The Chocolate Festival will be held on 2nd, 3rd and 4th March 2018


Enjoy the party!