Chia Laguna

Chia – The Mediterranean Caribbean

Chia or Baia di Chia is a coastal area in South Sardinia. It is one of the most requested areas for those who want to spend luxury holidays where there’s white sandy beaches and crystal turquoise sea; in areas where films and commercials have been shot.


Chia is not just a destination for beach lovers, in fact the South of Sardinia is full of wildlife and it is possible to see animals such as pink flamingos, wild horses, different species of birds of prey, Sardinian hare, deer, etc.


Also, as an activity you can diversify your holiday, choosing whether to have a day at the beach or organise a trek on the surrounding mountains. The areas, even if wild, are easy to tred without driving, just be careful where you put your feet and take a nice supply of water and fruit to keep yourself hydrated.


For those who want to spend their holidays in tranquility, where services are close at hand, do not worry! Chia is a fantastic place for this too:


  • The village is only 50 minutes drive from Cagliari Airport
  • in site there are numerous bars and restaurants, as well as many shops where you can buy typical products such as cheeses, wines and leather products.

As Chia is considered as the “Mediterranean Caribbean”, there are sandy white beaches ideal for sunbathing, walking the shoreline and relaxing. We recommend:


Chia Beach: This beautiful beach is located at the foot of the famous Chia Tower. This beach is a natural beach with white sand in the shape of a half moon.




Bell Dune Beach: This beach is famous for its dunes from which its name comes from, and has an extension of 1.7 kilometres of white beach. Easy to access, this beach is also recommended for families with small children.




Cala Cipolla Beach: Cala Cipolla is undoubtedly the most striking beaches in the south of the island. A beach surrounded by wild nature and rocks that protect it from the wind.




Su Giudeu Beach: Also called S’Acquia or fresh water, this beach is only a kilometre away from the famous Chia beach. It is very popular for lovers of surfing and windsurfing but also for those who love scuba diving. Very wild, it is also often visited by unexpected flamingos.




As for accommodation, without a doubt Chia Laguna Resort is the best choice for both couples and families. This resort is a place which enchants with the countless activities it offers. It is in fact one of the 5* hotels with the most varied offers of the whole area where, in addition to the use of pools and relaxing Spa treatments, it is also possible to part-take in many in and outdoor activities:

  • Clubs and sports for adults and children indoors: football, dance, tennis, golf, water sports and much more.
  • Sports and outdoor excursions: horse riding, cycling, scuba diving, triathlon, half marathon etc.


In short, holidays for all tastes; in fact the luxurious complex is located in a strategic area just a few metres from the famous Chia Beach and a beautiful and picturesque natural lagoon.


From rooms at Chia Laguna, you can see both the Mediterranean turquoise sea and the lagoon populated by pink flamingo. All rooms have been designed to offer customers the best comfort and privacy.


In addition, there are also numerous restaurants that offer customers of the Chia Laguna a wide range of culinary choices. Also, for those who love shopping, the hotel has a selection of elegant boutiques in the Piazza degli Ulivi.


And when night falls, after a day spent between sports and relaxation, Chia Laguna offer numerous and incredible outdoor shows such as live music, cabaret shows and concerts to make the experience unique from morning to evening.


If you want to know more about the resort and have the best prices with flights and transfers included, visit Sardatur Holidays or request a quote.


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