Can you identify these beautiful Italian Landmarks?

Below are four Italian Landmarks which are well known by many. Let’s see if you can identify them:


1- Aragonese Castle- ISCHIA

This amazing Castle is located at the East of Ischia island and you can get there by crossing a 200m bridge called Ischia Ponte. The islet on which this famous castle is built has an area of 5km. Where there were previously other buildings, the Aragonese Castle is the only one you can see now. It’s worth going to visit and taking a picture from it’s highest point- at 110 metres you can bet it’s a magnificent view!


The Aragonese Castle has great historical and cultural value. A few things you should know are:

    • The first fortress was built by the Romans in 474 BC
    • When the last eruption of the Epomeo Volcano occurred in 1301, it destroyed the city of Ischia and the population of the city found refuge on the small island where the castle is located.
    • From the beginning of the 15th Century until 1892 there were 13 churches and 7 parishes built on the island.
    • In 1441 King Alfonso of Aragon ordered the restoration of the castle and a bridge was built to connect the promontory to the island of Ischia.
    • In 1823, the castle became a prison in which 30 people were imprisoned and later the island became a place of exile.

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Bosa is a captivating place to visit for adventurous people. The picturesque town is located in the province of Oristano. The town is situated above a little hill and the buildings are built next to a river.


Visitors are seduced by the colours of the houses and their reflection in the water. if you are lucky, a fisherman will let you navigate the river in his boat and will show you some of the old traditional fishing practices.


When visiting Bosa, do not leave before visiting the Duomo, dedicated to the immaculate, of medieval origins. It was restored in the nineteenth Century in a Baroque and Neoclassical style.


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3- Temple of Castor and Pollux- AGRIGENTO

This historic and touristic attraction is located near Agrigento, in the Southern coast of Sicily. This place is called the “Valley of the Temples” and it attracts thousands of tourists every year.


The archaeological zone of Agrigento has been considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1998 and it includes a vast area dating back to the Sicans.


The Valley of the Temples comprise a large sacred zone on the south end of the ancient city, where seven greek temples were built. Currently excavated an partly restored, these are the oldest and best preserved Greek buildings outside of Greece itself.


Even if you want a beach holiday, a visit to the valley of temples is a must.


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4- Lido di Orri- ARBATAX

The Lido di Orri is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. At almost 16km long, the Lido di Orri is characterized by its countless coves and by its low bottom which is approximately 300 metres from the shore.


This is a real paradise for everyone, families and couples alike; the calm sea makes it a safe place for children. There are facilities nearby: showers, bars and car parking and disable access.


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