The best day trips from Forte Village Resort

The best day trips from Forte Village Resort

The south of Sardinia is a great place to go on holiday as the region is renowned for its unspoilt coastline, spectacular beaches and Caribbean-like turquoise sea.


If you’re looking at going on holiday in the area you should consider staying at Forte Village Resort in Sardinia as it is a great family beach resort offering villas, suites and luxury hotel rooms.


If you’re staying at this world-class destination, then you should plan some day trips from the resort as there are lots of things you can see and do in the south of Sardinia.




Cagliari is just over an hour’s drive from Forte Village Resort and as Sardinia’s capital it is unsurprising that there are lots of attractions for you to visit in the city. Cagliari Turismo, the tourism agency for the city, recommend visiting the following places.


The Citadel of Museums


Located in the district of Castello, the Citadel of Museums houses some of the most important artistic treasures of the city, such as the Archaeological Museum and National Art Gallery.


Some of the museums’ collections include Anatomical Waxes, the Luigi Cocco Collection and the Siamese Museum.


The Royal Palace


The Royal Palace, also known as Viceroy, was the ancient residence of the Viceroy under the rule of the Aragonese, the Spanish and the Savoy.


Located in Piazza Palazzo, the palace is now the seat of the Prefecture and the Province of Cagliari. The building has since undergone some renovation work on the first floor and in the Council Room.


You should certainly try to get a glimpse of the Royal Palace as it is home to some incredible architecture.


Saint Remy Rampart


Saint Remy Rampart, which is in the heart of Cagliari’s old town, is one of the most important monuments in the city and one of the most prestigious exhibition areas in the city centre.


The Saint Remy Rampart is built on the medieval boundary walls that date back to 1901. Located on the boundary walls is Passeggiata Coperta which has been used as a gallery and a banquet hall. During the war the indoor promenade was used as an infirmary and a shelter.


Roman Amphitheatre


The Roman Amphitheatre of Cagliari dates back to the first half of the second century A.D., and is placed along the southern hillside of Buoncammino.


The amphitheatre is regarded by Cagliari Turismo as the city’s most important public building of the Roman era. The amphitheatre had a capacity of 10,000 spectators who would come and watch men and wild animals fight each other, fights between gladiators and executions.


The attraction underwent some renovation work in 2017, but was reopened in August 2017 and can now once again be enjoyed by all.


Tigellio’s Villa


Tigellio’s Villa is one of the most important archaeological sites in Sardinia and is evidence of the Romans expanding into the western part of the city.


The villa was the former home of famous poet and singer Tigellio, who lived during the Augustan Age in the Roman Period.


The site has helped historians piece together and give more information about a chronological age between the Republican Period and the sixth-seventh century AD.


Castle of San Michele


Located on one of the highest hills in Cagliari, the Castle of San Michele was the residence of Count Giacomo Carroz after the Catalan conquest of Cagliari.


The castle’s rich history doesn’t stop there as in the 1650s the castle went from being one of the most luxurious residences in Sardinia to a hospital during the black plague. It then became a barracks before being restored to its former glory from 1820-1848.


Today the castle is used for exhibitions, lectures and other cultural events.


Poetto Beach

Poetto Beach

Poetto Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia with its white sand dunes and turquoise sea attracting beach goers from across the island.


The beach is close-by to Cagliari, making it even more popular. Poetto Beach also boasts lots of entertainment and it has lots of wooden kiosks dotted along the beach that serve food and drink.


There are also surf schools and diving centres located along the picturesque beachfront if you would like try one of these activities during your day visit.


Park of Molentargius


The Park of Molentargius is located between Cagliari and Quartu Saint’ Elena and is spread over 1,600 hectares in South Sardinia.


The park is of international importance for its bird life as many aquatic birds stop here such as the famous pink flamingos. Other birds you can see include the Mallard, the Canapiglie and the Mestolone ducks, herons, Kingfishers and the Black-headed Gull.


The park is now home to the former National Salt Works of Cagliari with its basins; the Bellarosa Maggiore or Molentargius, the Pond of Quartu Sant’Elena, the remaining tanks and the Perda Bianca (liquors basin).


Segway tours


Segway tours in Sardinia

With NewWaySardinia there are lots of Segway tours available in south Sardinia and these include a specialist Flamingos Segway tour and tours around Cagliari.


If you’ve never been on a Segway, then you’ll be in for a treat as a Segway tour is a simple and fast way of getting around and seeing lots of attractions.


NewWaySardinia offer different types of Segway tours; Short Cagliari Segway Tour (35€ per person), Long Cagliari Segway Tour (54€ per person) and a Flamingos Segway Tour (58€ per person).



Hiking in Sardinia

There are lots of hiking trails you can follow in the south of Sardinia and Wild Trails Italy, who are road cycling, mountain biking and hiking experts, tell us which hikes you can go on that are near to the Forte Village Resort.


Wild Trails Italy said: “The south of Sardinia is famous for beautiful beaches of white sand and clear emerald water. This is thanks to the uncontaminated environment and the quartz sand, a result of the erosion of the granite rock mountains dominating the coasts.


“In the mountains we are proud to preserve the biggest oak forest in Italy. We love to show our guests the gems of Sardinia nature so we choose the best spots in the South of Sardinia. We will guide them on “La strada romana” (The Roman road), following the beautiful coast close to Chia, which offers incredible views at every turn of the panoramic path following the low hills along the series of small bays.


“The paths are surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and often the view is of the rocky and green coast and turquoise sea. However, there is another must-see in South Sardinia: in the south east, walking into a beautiful oak forest we can climb on the massive granite rocks of the “Sette Fratelli” (Seven Brothers) mountains. On the top, at about 1000m high, despite the climb you will have breathing-taking views in front of the great coast. In the distance there are some of the best beaches in Sardinia, but this is another story. More reasons to come to Sardinia.”


These attractions and activities are just some of the great day trips you can go on from the Forte Village Resort. So pick out your favourites and start planning!