Only at Forte Village can you treat yourself to their unique thalassotherapy method, based around six seawater pools at different temperatures with varying salt concentrations. And only at Forte Village can you combine these world-exclusive thalassotherapy therapies with massages and treatments at the hands of highly trained professionals.

They also have a Turkish bath, a sauna and an elegant health bar where you can choose from a wide range of energizing, detoxing herbal teas after your treatments. The Acquaforte Spa is home to all these therapies. A true open-air haven, it's been recognised as a Leading Spas of the World, thanks to the extraordinary team and the splendour of their tropical garden setting.


Lauded as a Leading spa of the world, Acquaforte Spa houses the thalassotherapy centre and all the wonderful spa treatments. This unique blend of therapies and treatments makes the spa the ideal place to relax and rebalance the body and mind. Thalassotherapy is at the heart of Acquaforte Spa. Following twenty years of research led by Dr. Angelo Cerina, the medical team at Acquaforte Spa has re-written the history of wellness. The team's experiments led them to discover the enormous benefits of immersion in a series of seawater pools at different temperatures with different salt contents. At Acquaforte Spa, some of the pools have a higher saline concentration than the Dead Sea. A vital element in their integrated thalassotherapy treatment is sea oil, natural seawater with a high magnesium content. The osmotic effect that is produced greatly accelerates ion exchange between the water and the body. This helps drain excess fluids and allows magnesium to be absorbed. After these extraordinary results gained international prizes, the Centre for Research in Medical Bioclimatology, Biotechnologies, and Natural Medicines of Milan University has promoted the Thalassotherapy Research Centre at Acquaforte Spa. Unique in Europe, this recognition constitutes a new development in Wellness Medicine. The therapy forms a harmonious system of treatments that thoroughly assess the patient, integrating a focused thalassotherapy course with massage therapy and beauty treatments. The treatments that can be integrated include shiatsu in a separate room, massages in water, moxa, rehabilitative physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractics with craniosacral techniques. You can also experience scrubs and hydro-massages with the typical plants and essences of Sardinia and the Sardinian sea.


Their therapists use ancient massages and innovative therapies to serve both your body and your soul. According to oriental wisdom, massage is an 'energy dialogue', an exchange of feelings, openness to listening and a discovery of a deep, vital level of consciousness. To reach this blissful state, simply entrust yourself to the kindness and professionalism of their medical team. A massage at the Acquaforte Spa helps to release energy, reactivate circulation, reduce tension, improve nutritional conditions and relax the nervous system. Your body will relax and welcome the comforting contact, leaving you feeling regenerated. For additional privacy, some treatments and massages can be carried out in your room or suite.
Both your body and mind will benefit from the healing powers of their special waters, as their unique treatments realign your psychophysical balance. These treatments ease the natural process in which pores dilate on contact with water, absorbing salts and minerals that are pushed around the body by the circulatory system. They use a series of six baths with decreasing temperatures from 35°C to 25°C and gradually decreasing salt content. The first is an exhilarating 38°C sea oil tub with a higher salt content than the Dead Sea and the last is a deliciously fresh circular pool with water jets located in spectacular grottos. To make sure the water is rich in essential minerals, it's constantly monitored by the University of Cagliari and collected from the sea just 100metres from the Forte Village beach at a depth of 10metres.

Step 1. Sea Oil and Aloe Pool
Step 2. High Salt and Sodium Concentration Bath
Step 3. Seawater with Typical Mediterranaen Saline Desity
Step 4. Sea and Water Massage Elements
Step 5. Vigorous and Stimulating Water Massage
Step 6. A Sauna and Turkish Bath (optional)

Romance is never far from wellbeing. At Acquaforte Spa, they combine the two in the most blissful ways, allowing couples to indulge in their treatments together and letting guests enjoy the sensation of a treatment in the open air, under the starry Sardinian sky. The Spa Suite is a private spa created specially for couples. A double whirlpool bath, a chromotherapy booth for pampering treatments and a four-poster bed for ultimate relaxation are designed exclusively for couples to spend precious time together. A wellness menu created by Antonello Arrus at the Acquaforte Spa Bar adds a taste of romance. Another romantic touch is the Spa under the Stars. This is an open-air massage at night, surrounded by lighted candles and accompanied by the mellow chords of live Indian music.



Care treatments taken from seawater, sand and seaweed in the marine environment and integrated with the complementary treatments will allow you to conserve or regain peak psychophysical balance. Your body will emerge supple and toned, your skin will be radiant, inner peace will be restored and all stresses and toxins will be banished by blending climatic and marine elements. The originality, curative and preventative powers of these treatments are due to the unique location on an ancient salt route. They are set on a stretch of coast protected by a line of mountains providing natural shelter from northerly winds, maintaining levels of humidity and warmth that are unique in Sardinia. Virtually a subtropical microclimate, the sea temperature there is around two degrees above that in other parts of the island and rainforest-like vegetation thrives.


After scientific studies and rigorous testing, sea oil forms the basis of a new thalassotherapy method developed and patented by Dr Angelo Cerina and his team at Acquaforte Spa. Salt, marine oligo-elements and organic components combine to favour a natural physiological balance with a therapeutic and preventive action. The sea oil is a natural product and the high concentration of magnesium salt helps accelerate ionic exchanges within the body. As a result, along with the therapeutic properties of the Mediterranean waters that are the cornerstone of their thalassotherapy treatments, they've now added all the advantages of saline high density. The effects are draining, anti-oedema (in all kinds of localised or wide-spread oedemas resulting from traumas and other situations) mio-relaxing (muscular traumas or contractions, dystrophy or atrophies) and are also therapeutic in allergic derma pathologies and other skin problems (for example acute psoriasis) and in non-pathological skin diseases (first degree cellulite). Furthermore, thanks to its physical properties, patients who use the high-density saline baths can float in the water, making it possible to treat all kinds of osteo-articular disorders. Forte Village Resort is certified to perform these treatments that are pivotal to new thalassotherapy and unique to the Thermae del Forte.

The products use the healing power of the marine environment to reduce and prevent early signs of ageing and common blemishes such as cellulite. They were developed following research studies examining the skin's mechanisms and the beneficial effects of the sea on health and wellbeing. In addition to its great richness in trace minerals, mineral salts and organic compounds, the marine environment represents a deep source of living creatures and substances. In fact, its chemical structure is extraordinarily similar to the make-up of the proteins and sugars of the tissues of the human body, especially the skin. The result of all this research is Fiore del Mare, a complex based on Uva Lactuca, Corallina Officinalis, Crithmum Maritimum and Maris Aqua. It's a blend of marine derivatives that is perfectly calibrated to perfect its actions on the skin - stimulation, protection and bioactivation, regeneration and a soothing effect. Fiore del Mare represents the base for their new range of luxurious thalasso-cosmetics for the face and body. Comprising simple, precise daily actions, these products will bring clear, long lasting results and provide an exclusive sensation of wellbeing.

Turkish Bath Forte Village


In an Italian exclusive, the leading specialists of London wellness will also take care of the guests at Acquaforte Spa. Designed to be effective for men and women of all ages and levels of fitness, the Bodydoctor programme will help you meet your fitness and health goals in record time. You'll achieve improved strength and flexibility, lowered body fats and increased cardiovascular fitness, leading to an overall structural improvement of the body in every respect. If you follow the program diligently in its entirety, without any improvisations of your own, you can achieve dramatic results. This is simply because you are learning to work with your body not against it. When your body co-operates with you it will respond to all the effort and energy you put in.

Ayurveda. The garden of beauty

A wonderful garden completely attuned to the gentle strength of Ayurvedic medicine. The splendid Rejuvenation Ayurveda Garden, a highly professional centre directed by an eminent Indian doctor, is now in full bloom in the heart of the Acquaforte Spa. There are many treatments to choose from, from the classic Shirodara to the stimulating Abhyanga full body massage; from the invigorating Navarakizhi with warm, fragranced pads to the “philosophical” Pranayama which regulates breathing and instils a sense of calm and balance in the mind and body. It’s no coincidence that Ayurveda means the science of longevity.

Swedana: a purifying bath
In Forte's new Ayurvedic medicine centre guests can discover the extraordinary benefits of the Swedana bath, which has longer-lasting and more intensive effects than a conventional Turkish bath. The treatment has a lymph-draining effect and detoxifies as a result of the steam’s purifying action, leaving your skin exceptionally soft and your body toxin-free. Many treatments commence with the Swedana bath, as it has relaxing properties, warms up the muscles and prepares the body in the most thorough and effective way to receive the main 500 medicines of the Charaka Samhita, the sacred book of Ayurvedic science written in the first century BC.

Earth, water and sea oil. The power of mud

Forte would prefer to call it a beauty balm than mud. Acquaforte’s new “mud pool” provides guests with the opportunity to discover the benefits of a balm which is simply oozing in mineral salts and micronutrients, enriched by the waters of the Mediterranean and by an exclusive sea oil formula. The treatment tones and rejuvenates the skin deep down and instils a natural sense of wellbeing in the body, all in the inspiring setting of our Spa.

Sea water: the new workout
The most gentle, yet most intensive, workout. A high-density saline pool with maximum buoyancy: the gem of their wonderful thalassotherapy circuit. Do you dream of having a toned, strong and well-proportioned body? Would you like to build up your shoulder, arm, leg and abdominal muscles? Imagine a zero-gravity workout, the water shaping your body and the salt drying out excess fluids as your skin breathes and relaxes. This is the workout of the gods, famous athletes – and their guests.

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