A different type of spa, only at Borgo Egnazia. The team of spa specialists at Borgo Egnazia created an amazing and astonishing spa. Every detail and treatment is infused with the soul of southern Italy, and particularly that of Apulia. All products (including food items and objects), music and personnel are strictly ‘Made in Italy’. Apulia is where your trip begins, but it s also the perfect destination: it is an authentic land with ancient popular traditions, healthy natural therapies and a hospitable people with an unparalleled joie de vivre. This local reality served as inspiration for developing treatments that softly smooth the body and embrace, loosen, and relax the muscles, helping one rediscover the essence of things.

VAIR’s philosophy is that feeling better is directly linked to our way of approaching life and relating to others.

2013: Luxury Spa Awards Nominee
2013: Tatler Spa Awards - Category Winner
2012: The Gala Spa Awards - Innovative Spa Concepts


Names of the treatments are inspired by the local dialect, southern healing traditions are part of the treatments and the training, all products are Made In Italy and when possible Made in Puglia. We feel a special care for the psychological and emotional aspetcts of the Spa Experience, not only Body & Beauty. At Vair special talets are involved, not only massage and beauty Therapists but also dancers, actors, psychologists and musicians.

Puglia is already an open Spa.


'Slowly slowly'


Enjoy a sentimental journey among nature’s scents, evoking subtle relaxing sensations. Natural products are carefully combined to cleanse, relax and nourish your face. Whilst almonds are the foundation of the treatment, you will benefit of other natural elements  such as olive oil, prickly pears, cherry, rosemary and mint. A soft mist of lavender will be the finishing touch to your “journey”. Enjoy a long continuous, flowing facial massage treatment. Suitable for everyone. 70mins, approx. €145.00.



Bakel - Timp is a facial for those who love refined state-of-the-art treatments and modern cosmetic. This facial and neck treatment has an anti-ageing, revitalising, lifting or moisturizing effect. It has been specially created for VAIR by Bakel, an innovative Company, completely feminine and uncompromisingly Made in Italy. 100% active principles and 0% useless ingredients: pure products, containing only active principles giving you a real benefit, are used on your skin. Vegetal collagen,
hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and F, mandelic acid, almond oil and Aloe are some of the active principles used in this session. Suitable for men and women whose skins are stressed and require a youthful lift and glow and for those who believe in prevention. BAKEL follow up booster - it is recommended to book a short booster session for the next day to intensify and maximise the effects of Timp.

'The usual'


Enjoy a thorough cleansing combining both traditional and contemporary methods. The traditional steam bath is enriched with pure lemon; the mechanical stimulation aids the elimination of impurities, ensuring a good result. This is followed by a natural bio-mask to purify the skin and relax the face. Not suitable for sensitive skins. Highly recommended for smokers. Not useful if a regular deep cleansing program is your habit.


Mini anti-age facial *
A lifting effect for your skin will be obtained through a massage performed with a concentrated anti-ageing phial and a specific mask.



Face massage using nourishing organic rose oil, the symbol of beauty *
Oil moisturizes and illuminates your skin, preventing it from ageing; the massage has a relaxing and invigorating effect; the scent of the rose helps inner balance which touches your soul. 20mins, approx. €40.



Face massage using vegetal carrot oil that has an excellent regenerating effect *
The precious properties of carrot oil, rich in Vitamin A and beta-carotene, are suitable to moisturize dry skins and fight the signs of fine lines. Carrot oil is also ideal for reducing the effects to sun exposure. Its fragrance helps slacken the pace of your thoughts.

* Additional “finishing touches” that can be booked in association with compatible body treatments.
20mins, approx. €40.00


Body Treatments


This shaping algae-based treatment will be tailor made to your requirements
It promotes superficial blood circulation and helps reduce toxins. It has a purifying invigorating effect on your skin. The combination of products will be defined and customized each time you undergo this treatment in order to give the best benefit to the skin. We recommend at least a couple of sessions to see the first results.

'Prickly pears'


Flavoured treatment for the body
Let your body be enveloped in a prickly pear and olive oil body mask and then relax on a warm-water-spa table. This gentle, caring, smoothing and purifying treatment will lull you into a deep state of relaxation. Suitable for both men and women.

'Salted - sweet'


A spectacular scrub-massage
Body scrub custom made for you, using either a hot local honey paste or a mixture of Apulian sea salt and oil. Delightful and relaxing treatment to smooth and nourish your skin. The honey treatment is not recommended for men’s skin - we recommend the salt treatment. 70mins, approx. €100.


'The sea'

A beautifully relaxing massage inspired by rolling sea waves
Enveloping, dancing massage, revives every single part of the body, floating you off into timeless space. The products used in the massage contain purified sea water.

'It rains'


It’s raining emotions
Hot essential oils chosen for their relaxing properties fall like raindrops on your back to relax your body and to reconnect to your emotions. Our therapists’ expert hands will guide the effects of these oils over your body with slow calming movements correcting muscle alignment and releasing tension. These movements also help you regain and maintain a correct posture and relax deep tension which prevents your body from moving harmoniously. The treatment, inspired by Orthobionomy, is a valuable experience helping keepyour back and posture in good condition. 60mins, approx. €100.

'Full moon'

Relief for head and feet
This relaxing and cocooning massage involving your head, face and finally feet will help you rebalance and recover stability.
Suitable for those who are busy and wish to recover from pressured times of stress and nervousness. Approx. €165.

'Ancient and “magical”'

person of the past
A deep stretching massage for muscles and joints
Deep massage techniques can be combined according to therapist’s specialization and the state of your body. The therapist will decide whether to use also stretching manoeuvres, hot stones or compresses according to your needs.


Precious treatment with volcanic rock
A massage-treatment, tailor made to your requirements, for releasing tension and alleviating aches and pains. The properties of wise ancient volcanic rocks provide rebalancing and detoxifying effects. This treatment begins with a hot steam shower to loosen the muscles, thermal water soak washing and a body wrap with minerals to release tension followed by a series of relaxing and regenerating techniques and a final massage with thermal gel. Suitable for sportspeople and to treat specific areas or as part of a “remise-en-forme” programme.



Classic massage
Relaxing massage with olive oil performed with traditional movements involving all your body.


Massage to relax the back
An intense stretching massage specially designed for your neck and back which relaxes muscles and releases tension.

'Dozing off'


Massaggio-Rituale che rilassa e aiuta a migliorare la qualità del sonno
This ritual massage helps you relax and improve the quality of your sleep. Hot oil, scents of carrot and lavender, slow digitopressure movements and relaxing sounds will cuddle you. It alleviates the stress, slackens the pace of daily thoughts and helps you rest fully over night.Our expert in Mediterranean healthy eating will also give you some suggestions to promote sleep.
50mins, approx. €100.

'Well-toned woman'

Ladies only
This invigorating and toning massage is particularly suited to stimulate blood circulation and smooth out body contours in critical areas. Suitable for those who want to focus on cellulite and tissue tightening. A Berafatt is not a relaxing massage.

'Light breeze'

Lymphatic Drainage
This light pressure oil free massage involves a mechanical drainage stimulating lymphatic circulation and favouring toxins elimination. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is suitable for those who already have included this massage in their programme. We recommend rest after the massage.



Golfer’s massage
Physio-treatment designed for golfers and particularly suited for shoulders, upper limbs and wrists. Our highly skilled therapists will adapt the massage according to your needs focusing on areas of stiffness and joint discomfort.




A gentle and refined experience for your body which will receive a thorough deeply relaxing treatment.
The pace of the massage changes in order to promote your creativity while evocative perfumes and expert short techniques will help you relax, and softly recalls unspoken memories. It creates an “inner smile” which will last for a long time. Ten Southern Italian natural products combined with simple, though refined, rituals offer a wonderful break to those who seem to be always in a hurry. Suitable for those who love the subtle aspects of life and for creative and very sensitive people. Designed for women but also suitable for men. 110mins, approx. €235.



Jewel massage
It combines special techniques to lull you into a deep state of relaxation. This ritual features a combination of aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, yoga, sport massage, foot reflexology, energetic massage and stone massage. It aims at improving your mental alertness, promoting your decisional capacity and inner hearing: knowing the best part of us sometimes can lead to tangible changes necessary for a better life. Suitable for those who are looking for an active, concrete and intense experience.
Not for everybody. 110mins, approx. €235.

'Well-toned man'


A refined relaxing and purifying ritual
Your body will be prepared for treatment by experiencing a “meditative” basilscented steam shower session. This fragrance provides you with clarity of thoughts and direction. Following this, you will experience an Apulian scrub with pink salt and water - the typical colour of the salt marsh from which they are extracted - followed by another steam shower session in order to melt the salt and strengthen the salt mineral absorption. When you hear the bell ring, the mind-clearing massage starts
and will finish with a very soft touch. Suitable for those who are looking for a turning point. 90mins, approx. €175.

'To Smell'


Aromatherapy VAIR
Dr. Luca Fortuna, a renowned aromatherapist, has created for Vair the new Aroma-Spa, inspired by Apulia. Aroma-Spa is a branch of aromatherapy using treatments and products designed for the well-being and beauty of your body,thus requiring high skills and great expertise. An evocative rhythmic session echoing purity, wisdom and water marks the passing of time and the relation
between the outer and the inner world. Our high-quality effective essential oils provide a real benefit to your well-being. Welcome consultation - cocoon wrapping - Aroma therapy massage: 2 hours to awaken your senses and to give you a fabulous feeling of purification and lightness. 120mins, approx. €235.



Back to the origin
The calming flotation in highly-salted warm water in a protected environment will prompt you to listen to your inner voice. The flotation will lead you to a dream-like state of relaxation without any external interference. VAIR will help you choose the most suitable flotation programme according to your needs.
A  Love for yourself and for others: this programme involves a guided flotation session in the dark
C  Colours will help you regain your strength, feel your body float and be refreshed and live your life with renewed energy
6  Silence and desensoriality: flotation - with only salt, water and peace Puglia Let music and lights give you an apulian Flotation

'Life from the sea'

“The sea doth wash away all human ills“ Platone
Day Spa Thalasso at the Masseria San Domenico: medical consultation, seawatergym 45’ session, 3 treatments and free use of the Thalasso pool.

Suggested treatments:
In this special machine, the body which has been previously covered in marine mud is exposed to steam containing active agents of essential sea oils for 20 minutes, allowing the body temperature to reach 37/38 C. This is then subsequently brought back to normal temperature with a warm seawater shower. This treatment will help getting rid of excess bodily fluids and skin blemishes.

Two therapists will carry out a four handed massage with essential marine oils and a warm jet of sea water. This relaxing treatment releases muscular tension and enhances relaxation, leaving a soft smooth silky skin.

This treatment consists in a cold hypoallergenic facial mask, with soothing, sedative effects for all kind of skins and it is particularly recommended for couperose skin care and lymphatic edema. It will also help drain away toxins.



Tarantism is an ancient Apulian therapeutic ritual of quite unknown origins.
Mostly women who had lost the sense of their life and were overwhelmed by circumstances could find relief in music, colours and sounds.VAIR’s Taranta Area, takes its inspiration from this ancient ritual and offers a large variety of treatments. Women will be followed by experts and creative therapists - all trust worthy operators throughout the whole session - who are able to perceive the qualities of each woman. You will enjoy these sessions alone or in small groups, according to bookings and the pre-booking
interview. Before booking it is necessary to arrange a consultation with the VAIR Specialist.
Further details on this area will be given only after confirmation of your request.

A ritual massage during which you will live a liberating experience leading to a clearer head.

A three-day programme including a consultation with the VAIR Psychologist, in order to be advised of the most suitable session. Daily cycles of treatments, activities, readings, teas and aromas are all aimed at helping you find inner balance and womanliness.

A five-day programme including a varied session, defined by the VAIR Psychologist.
The aim is to offer a unique experience for those women who are seeking a turning point in their life. Daily treatments, psycho-physical activities, consultations with our nutritionist specialised in Mediterranean Diet, make-up artist and hairstylist- will be at your disposal.

VHE TAGLIAN - Oh Italians

“Do not eat anything your great grand-mother would have not considered as food”

Food habits of peoples living in the Mediterranean basin in the 60s, where the culture - in both of its meanings - of olive trees and grapevines was spread, are now considered as “intangible” world heritage. Apulian dishes are the best examples of the well-known Mediterranean Diet. Dr. Agostino Grassi, dietologist and secretary for “Mediterranean Diet Foundation”, will give you advice in order to define the best scientific way to overcome problems of weight, cellulite, depression and insomnia. You will be given all information and advice you need in order to understand the extraordinary potential of our food model.
Private Consultation on the “Mediterranean Diet”




You will experience this extraordinary ritual in a suite for two with the person you love or you want to share this moment with Steam shower, private garden with stone tub, heated beds and open-air hydrotherapy will echo Southern Italy.
This massage will be a unique experience to share with the person you love and a nice Spa-gift to take home.



Two treatments for two persons
During this relaxing purifying lavender treatment, you will be wrapped in heated blankets filled with water while your partner will be having a head and feet massage. In a second moment, you will reverse your roles. 90mins, approx. €135.

'The midday sun'

The Spa Suite
In this special suite, you will enjoy a Mediterranean garden, an open-air stone tub for a thematic bath, hydrotherapy, steam shower, heated beds and a relaxing tea area. VAIR’s team will be at your disposal during the session. You can book the suite for one, two or more hours. 60mins, approx. €135.

'A real sound'

Express yourself without words
Silently, be in tune with others and yourself through a global listening. Music therapy can help you explore yours and others’ sound identity, amplified by this deep experience. Dr. Gianni Rotondo, our Apulian psychologist, musician specialized in music therapy, after assigning “musical” instruments, forms and conducts the “orchestra”. These traditional Apulian instruments are nothing but daily objects, coming from the countryside, which are ordinary and exotic at the same time. Participants do not have
to possess specific skills. Music therapy provides scientifically proven aid to open your mind, improve your communication skills when it is particularly difficult to interact with others, learn to manage stress autonomously and help you relax.
Every single thing has its own sound: Nu suun vair.

SPIRT - Wandering


Care and pleasure, water and candles create wonderfully calm surroundings
A perfect mix between Roman traditions and Apulian design: Tepidarium, Calidarium, Frigidarium, salt Sauna, whirlpool, cleansing and purification rituals, the art of sharing. The use of alternative water and heat balances the body rhythms when combined with rest periods in between, helping to preserve, improve and rejuvenate vital energy. This session will begin with a short consultation by our therapist to help you to enjoy this area to its fullest. Egnazia I Roman bath ritual and Apulian pink salt scrub

V VAIR path with spa-coach to relax and purify your body and soul. Roman path, scrub, purifying foot treatment, Mother Water cleansing, stimulating sponge bath, tea

X Unlimited daily access to the wet area according to your body’s requirements and well-being.
120mins and full rituals for Spirt V, approx
80mins with salt-scrub for Spirt I, aprox.

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