A different type of spa, only at Borgo Egnazia. The team of spa specialists at Borgo Egnazia created an amazing and astonishing spa. Every detail and treatment is infused with the soul of southern Italy, and particularly that of Apulia. All products (including food items and objects), music and personnel are strictly ‘Made in Italy’. Apulia is where your trip begins, but it s also the perfect destination: it is an authentic land with ancient popular traditions, healthy natural therapies and a hospitable people with an unparalleled joie de vivre. This local reality served as inspiration for developing treatments that softly smooth the body and embrace, loosen, and relax the muscles, helping one rediscover the essence of things.

VAIR’s philosophy is that feeling better is directly linked to our way of approaching life and relating to others.

2013: Luxury Spa Awards Nominee
2013: Tatler Spa Awards - Category Winner
2012: The Gala Spa Awards - Innovative Spa Concepts


Names of the treatments are inspired by the local dialect, southern healing traditions are part of the treatments and the training, all products are Made In Italy and when possible Made in Puglia. We feel a special care for the psychological and emotional aspetcts of the Spa Experience, not only Body & Beauty. At Vair special talets are involved, not only massage and beauty Therapists but also dancers, actors, psychologists and musicians.

Puglia is already an open Spa.


Extremely effective ingredients and delicate cosmetics containing only the best natural ingredients, selected by Vair with unmatched care and love. To help you enhance your purest beauty.


Illuminating facial treatment able to restore to your skin its original shine. Carefully chosen cosmetics, lovingly applied and massaged with experience, to immediately restore the natural hydration of the skin, its elasticity and radiance. Suitable for all skin types.

25 up to 60 €
50 up to 150 €
80 up to 255 €


Facial with a lifting effect to revitalize your face, accompanied by unique and enveloping gestures. The precious key to this ritual with a lifting effect lies in its rich formulation.

80 up to 255 €

'The usual'

Deep cleansing treatment to brighten your skin using energetic and lively rhythms with the unconventional application of oils, butter and mud masks. It restores vitality and illuminates.

80 up to 195 €


Enchanting experiences created exclusively by Vair and inspired by local, centuries-old techniques and traditional wisdom. The beauty of each story is enclosed in fascinating tales of unconditional love and care.


A gentle massage with a touch as light as a caress for complete abandonment. This “cuddle” of the whole body is perceived as a form of deep love and transformed into an extremely positive feeling. Warm towels and delicate touches, accompanied by a perfect synergy of natural oils and delicious aromas.

110 up to 280 €

'All of a sudden'

An intense experience aimed at rebalancing strength and thoughts. An intense massage performed with energizing movements and dynamic manual skills. Created to bring attention to the body, reinforce your strength and confidence and stimulate intuition.

110 up to 280 €


A strong purification body ritual coupled with the power of pure essential oils, created in collaboration with Dr. Luca Fortuna. A journey of aromas aimed at inspiring peaceful relaxation and divided into three phases, each one characterized by a different touch: salt scrub to smooth, soft mud to purify and a nal massage to lighten up.

110 up to 300 €


A facial sentimental treatment that invites you to peacefully wind down to a slow pace. A poem of pure perfumes, blended with fresh aromatic herbs harvested in Borgo Egnazia’s garden. Lavender and rosemary, apricot and cherry oil are some of the essences that will accompany you on the journey.

50 up to 150 €
70 up to 190 €



Each massage embodies a profound meaning deeply connected to the body, to the soul and to the Puglian land: the endless source of inspiration and mother of our simple and natural ingredients.


An ode to vitality based on the results of the aroma intro. Completed by a massage with essential oils and personalized manual skills created to increase the sense of happiness and give peace, raising positive emotions.

70 up to 190 €

'Turn on'

Modelling and stimulating, energising and dynamic. This massage focuses on the areas of greatest interest such as legs, core and glutes. An intense revitalisation of the body thanks to the properties of prickly pear oil.

50 up to 135 €

'Full moon'

A light touch with increasing intensity. Massage that involves the face, head and feet to give a feeling of rooting, while the scents of caper oil and almond butter carry you into a graceful state of relaxation.

50 up to 135 €


Created for golfers and ideal for sportsmen. A localised massage combined with the ancient rituals of relief by using a roller of towels soaked in hot water, to release all the tensions accumulated in your back or legs.

50 up to 135 €


Localized. All the strength of the olive trees enclosed in a decontracting and intense “back-loosening” massage. This massage is ideal for soothing accumulated tensions and relaxing back and neck muscles.

50 up to 135 €

'The sea'

Ondulating. Slowing. Relaxing. A massage that emulates the typical rhythm of this element, in waves, one never like another, but all synchronised with the same fluctuating rhythm. Accompanied by a lullaby played by Vair’s musicians, which transforms a room into a wonderful bay.

50 up to 140 €


Relaxation. Gentle movements, soft touch and slow course. A massage inspired by serenity, depth and tranquillity. The movements have a calm and regular rhythm which slowly adapts itself to that of your breathing.

50 up to 140 €


Medium intensity. Dedicated to the ancient Puglian figure of the “masciara”, a local healer who was able to soothe minor illnesses. A massage that begins with a whispered “formula” and goes on to use heated stones, warm towels and lavender oil to promote total relaxation.

50 up to 150 €
80 up to 195 €


Vigorous. Energetic. Intense. A massage that aims to realign the entire body structure by stimulating dynamic relaxation. It combines various stretching techniques and deep movements with medium and strong pressures softened by olive oil.

50 up to 150 €
80 up to 195 €


Massage personalised according to your body’s individual needs. Its characteristic is that it is performed exclusively by Vair’s specialised male therapists and mainly focused on muscular areas.

50 up to 165 €
80 up to 195 €

'The craft of oil'

Fluid and relaxing massage with almond, olive and caper oils poured over the skin. It involves the whole body in a velvety embrace that goes from head to toes.

80 up to 195 €



A careful selection of all-natural ingredients and extremely high-quality and beneficial products, with the aim of taking care of yourself and celebrating your natural beauty.


Pleasant scrub with pure sea salt and velvety olive oil. Slow, cocooning and caring, perfect for illuminating the skin and delicate enough for sensitive skins.

80 up to 165 €


Dynamic and sweet scrub with honey and sugar to gift your skin with effective results and inebriating fragrances.

80 up to 165 €


Deep exfoliation with a natural soap and followed by a rich scrub with pure sea salt, sugar, oils, fresh lemons and melissa and sage tonic. It will deeply smooth the body.

80 up to 165 €


Enzymatic exfoliation using fresh lemons and local olive oil, followed by the application of a cream made of fig milk. Nourishing for the body and suitable for all skin types.

50 up to 125 €


Depurative body treatment. An initial wash prepares the skin for a volcanic mud wrap, customised according to individual needs. It drains and energises or has a highly effective toning action on the whole body.

80 up to 195 €


Reshaping body treatment enriched by a synergy of essential oils. It combines the application of a body cast with a deep massage and helps eliminate toxins and excess fluids, giving an immediate shaping result.

110 up to 255 €


Body cupping treatment. Nothing sounds more fascinating than this treatment executed with a technique of ancient origins. Glass spheres heated by fire slid carefully across on the body, with the bene cial purifying purpose of unleashing tension.

50 up to 125 €

'Switch off'

Cold-effect body treatment. Natural clay combined with the essential oil of eucalyptus to stimulate the microcirculation of the legs. This cold-effect body treatment is ideal to reduce swelling.

50 up to 160 €


Lifting body treatment. Special scrub based on sea salt and soybean oil combined with an alginate mask for a silky effect on the skin. Produces an incomparable tonifying and lifting effect on the whole body.

80 up to 255 €



Taking care of your appearance is an art. From the love of your hands to haircare, a selection of treatments and artisan experiences with a typical Puglian touch, using local beauty techniques and natural products from the territory.

Nail lab - artisan manicure and pedicure

A sociable living room where you can indulge in cocoons and chats, while enjoying Puglian-style manicures and pedicures. A team of beauty artisans takes care of your hands and feet as in times gone by, or with a few natural elements grown on the territory. Beautiful and relaxing experiences such as an olive oil massage, a salt scrub, a lemon wash and a fig milk pack. All without the use of water. We use exclusively Made in Italy products, cruelty-free, which do not contain harmful elements in their formula and are not tested on animals, to guarantee only the highest quality.

Haircare and make - up

Taking care of your image has multiple benefits that are reflected on the whole person and not just on the appearance. For a special evening, for an unforgettable event to share with friends or just to look at yourself differently, our beauty treatments are custom-made and use only the best Italian make-up and hair care brands.


Traditional epilation technique or without cotton strips but based on resins and wax. This method prevents the product from sticking to the skin and therefore from creating any kind of irritation.


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