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For those seeking a holiday a little more off the beaten track, Basilicata is definitely a region to consider. Located in Italy’s south, Basilicata covers a large area with two stretches of coastline; one bordering the Ionian Sea and the other on the western Tyrrhenian coastline.  This region is sparsely populated and is still not a major tourist destination...this all adds to its charm. 

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Basilicata is also a region full of local speciality dishes and ingredients, with fish featuring high on the menu in the coastal areas. Ten different kinds of fresh pasta are made in the region: the most well-known being the hand-made ‘Orecchiette’ meaning ‘little ears’ which usually accompanies vegetable dishes. ‘Tapparelle’ is a larger pasta meaning ‘big ears’ . When in Matera, try ‘Miscuglio’, a traditional pasta served with local ‘cacioricotta’ cheese and peppers. Another speciality is the walnut desserts served with local cream liqueur.  



Flying time from London to Naples with British Airways:

Distance from Naples Airport
Maratea   210km
Policoro   283km
Matera    255km

Distance from Maratea
Rome   415km
Sorrento   209km
Amalfi   179km
Positano   220km

Did you know?
Maratea has 44 churches and the 2nd largest figure of Jesus Christ, only Rio de Janiero's Christ the Redeemer is larger.
It is the only region in Italy that touches two seas: the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Sea.
Inhabitants of Basilicata are called "Lucani" because of the old name of region Lucania.

Things to do:
Take a guided tour of the town Matera the back drop to where the movie The Passion of the Christ was filmed.
See the Sassi houses of Matera unique in itself by being dug into the rock.


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