Carnevale in Venice

A few nights ago, I was dining with an old friend and mentioned the Carnival of Venice.  My friend Signora B. lives in London now, and fell in love with the Carnival some years back.  This is what she said:
 “We always try to have a week at Cortina each winter, for the skiing.  As I’d been hearing about the Carnival of Venice for years, we decided to stop off for a few days in Venice on the way back home, to see if it was as special as everyone says it is.  Well, it was magical!
  photo courtesy of FOTOTECA ENITphoto courtesy of FOTOTECA ENIT

 “What I love is the way the Venetians themselves get into Carnival mood.  Everyone seems to be wearing a costume, a mask, or both.  I’ll never forget one of the costumes—only of course I didn’t realise it was a costume at all.  I was in the Piazza”—the great Square in front of St Mark’s Basilica—“and I was admiring all the people in their elaborate costumes, when this enormous figure dressed like Quasimodo sidled up to me and held out his hand. Well, I gave him a few coins—you would, wouldn’t you?—and then he stood up properly, winked at me, bowed deeply and walked off.  Now, that is style—mad style, of course, but style all the same!


photo courtesy of FOTOTECA ENIT

photo courtesy of FOTOTECA ENIT


 “Then there are the children.  They really enjoy the Carnival, because of course children always love dressing up.  One day, I was walking through the Piazza, and there was a queue of schoolchildren on their way to school.  Each one was wearing a pretty little mask, and each mask was slightly different.  The Carnival must be a magical time for children.

“Finally, don’t forget to mention the food.  You know, we Italians are crazy about food, especially food that is particular to a region or a season.  Do mention the frittelle, small Venetian carnival fritters, which can be filled with pastry cream, whipped cream, chocolate, zabaglione, or any number of other fillings, or simply unfilled, which is the traditional way, with pine nuts and sultanas in the dough.  I’d recommend trying them with Venetian hot chocolate.  It’s an unbeatable combination.”So, there we are: a perfect recipe for a mid-morning Carnival break.


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