Sardinia is jam-packed with things to do – many always associate Sardinia with it’s sea (and rightly so – its the most beautiful in the Med) but for those wanting to explore further inwards, past the island’s powdery sands; perhaps today’s blog post is for you.


Step back in time to the early 1920s by following the footsteps of D.H Lawrence, when he conceived the famous ‘Sea and Sardinia’. He writes about his experience of the mountain trains or trenino verde (little green train) that still shake and rattle across Sardinia’s breath-taking interior. This is one of the best and entertaining ways to see what makes Sardinia so unique.

“I was surprised at how well the little engine to take the continuing steep slopes, how bravely emerged on the horizon. It’s a strange railway. I’d like to know who built it. Scooting up hill and down dale and around sudden curves with the utmost nonchalance, they do not like the real, major railways, which make grunting in deep trenches and appestando the air in the tunnels, but runs up a hill like a puppy panting, and looks around, and part shaking us in another direction behind him. with great indifference. “David Herbert Lawrence, “Sea and Sardinia” (1921)


There are four itineraries to choose from, throughout different periods of the season, each with different locomotives. D.H Lawrence travelled on the Isili – Arise route. More information can be found on the ‘Trenino Verde’ website.


Brilliant for explorers – big and small alike!


For more information on exciting activities to do in Sardinia, you can visit the Sardegna Turismo website here. Or better still, let us see if we can help you squeeze in a train-ride during your stay by calling our specialist team on 0208 973229.