Having just returned from a beautiful 3 days in Sardinia, this week’s blog is dedicated to the Thalassotherapy Spa experience that I had at the Forte Village Resort.

First of all, it is important to note that the spa facilities at Forte Village are known as being some of the best in Europe. Even more importantly, this is a thalassotherapy spa that we are speaking of.

What is Thalassotherapy?

Thalassotherapy is a treatment that uses a combination of the completely natural elements seawater, sand and seaweed. It is an ancient science born on the shores of the Med. Forte Village sits on an ancient salt route and it is because of this unique location that they are able to carry out these special treatments.

The first thing that i was most impressed with was the actual location of the spa, almost completely outdoors except for the changing areas, saunas and gym. Considering it was 38C outside it was cool and beautiful. The spa area is surrounded and covered by lush, tropical vegetation, i felt like i had been transported to the Amazon and was already feeling rejuvenated!

Upon changing into my bikini and provided with a soft dressing gown and flip-flops i was ready for my treatment; which was explained as doing a circuit of 5 pools dotted around this Amazonia.

STEP NO 1: SEA OIL AND ALOE POOL 10 minutes and 10 minutes

The high saline density produces an osmotic effect that stimulates a highly effective draining and anti-swelling action. This bath contains the highest saline concentration (30 degrees Baume) and has a temperature above 34C. Large quantities of magnesium in the first bath promote muscle relaxation and improve electrolytic balance. The floating effect of the sea oil bath is greater than that of the Dead Sea and enhances the effects of muscle therapy that is ideal for releasing stress.

The aloe pool reflects the evolution of thalassotherapy at the Thaermae del Forte and was designed by the Health Director, Dr Angelo Cerina. Described as phitothalassotherapy with aloe, the pool combines the benefits of sea oil with the anti-inflammatory properties of aloe. Aloe has been used for its therapeutic properties since 1500 BC when the Egyptians and Chinese used it to cure ulcers, wounds, skin diseases and internal parasites. Recent studies have demonstrated the effects of the plant’s active substances in regenerating skin tissue.


Forte-Village-Resort_Thaermae-del-Forte_Sea-oil_PoolThe second bath completes the effect of the saline sea oil bath by finishing the exchange between the body and the sea. A less forced flotation allows certain therapeutic, osteoarticular recovery treatments to be performed. The water temperature in this bath is kept above 34 degrees.

Immersion in this high-saline concentration bath creates the sensation of floating, relieves pressure on the joints and reduces tension. The temperature of the water also promotes this, together with peripheral vasodilatation, contributing to psychological relaxation. The chemico-physical exchange conditions in the water and the geometry of the bath allow original assisted psychophysical relaxation techniques to be performed.


The temperature of this bath is still above 34 degrees. This bath offers numerous water massages that caress every part of the body, completing the therapeutic effect. The bath links together the features of the previous baths with a series of focused water massages.


The fourth bath combines the therapeutic efficiency of marine elements and water massages with the toning and regenerating effect of the water that is kept at 30 degrees. Immersion in this bath is a very different experience. Entering this bath, which is cooler than the previous baths, causes vaso-constriction and promotes stimulation and toning vascular exercise. The water massage is less intense than in the previous bath but is evenly distributed along the body via gas bubbles. This has a very gentle stimulatory action but is important for the skin.

The bath promotes the removal of metabolites and muscle toxins, increases diuresis and prevents fibrous tissue. This firms muscles and leaves them more elastic. Another effect is the creation of a positive, uplifting mental attitude.


Concluding the thalassotherapy treatment, this circular bath has fresh, rejuvenating water kept below 25 degrees. A series of small, natural jets along the side of this bath produce a vigorous and stimulating water massage. This bath continues the vascular exercises of the second bath and integrates all the previous water massage methods. The large area of this bath allows you to enjoy physical articulation exercises or swim against a current.

This last pool can best be described as a giant but gentle washing machine! The final rinse of all the salt and oil and to get your muscles moving. If the other pools made me feel tranquil and relaxed this final one definitely made me feel refreshed!


A sauna and Turkish bath complete the efficiency of the treatment. This last bath has been reconstructed from Nora mosaics. Just a few minutes from the resort, Nora is a Phoenician city with a pleasant, almost primordial atmosphere. Spring water flows from a marble fountain in the centre while the air is perfumed with eucalyptus. A series of sensations will deeply stimulate and regenerate your body. Your wellness will be complete. To fully feel the benefits, simply stretch out in the dimly lit relaxation area. Close your eyes and free your mind. Listen to the rustling palm trees and the gentle murmuring of the water.

So how did i feel afterwards? In truthfulness, relaxed and rejuvenated. My skin feels supple and amazing. My favourite part was the 3rd bath where you get to float around after having just basted yourself in the oil and aloe pools. I could have stayed there all day. The turkish bath was really beautifully designed with views again of the palm trees and vegetation.

Entry to the spa for the day costs 80 euros per person. The price includes access to the treatment pools, gym (which is also stunning; whilst you’re running up a sweat on their state-of-the-art equipment you have wide views of the tropical tree tops) turkish bath and sauna. There are many, many treatments available at an extra cost; they have literally thought of everything when it comes to caring for the body.

My personal opinion; definitely worth the money. Go on and spoil yourself.

Spa days and treatments can be booked locally in resort or through us here at Sardatur. Please give our team a call on 0208 973229 or for more information about holidays to the Forte Village Resort you can visit our website.