The flavours of Southern Italy


Go on a trip that will awaken your senses! Taste and smell a plethora of culinary delights, see some amazing sights, hear about Italy’s great history and feel authentic Italian products.

This tour will take you around the best parts of Southern Italy from the stunning Amalfi Coast to ancient town of Matera. The south of Italy is so different from the North, with each city feeling special with their unique Italian charm and notable histories. 

10 Day Southern Italy Tour
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southern italy tour

DAYS 1-3 of the Southern Italy Tour:
The Amalfi Coast

First stop of this tour is the Amalfi Coast, magically suspended between the blue sky and the iridescent colored sea, the Amalfi coast seems to be born from the palette of a painter who wanted to use the warmer color gradients for creating a landscape that enchants the visitor at the first shot. There are 13 towns spreading across a strip of land kissed by the sun and declared by UNESCO “World Heritage Site”.


DAYS 4-6 of the Southern Italy Tour:
Matera & Puglia

As some of you may already know, Matera is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and this part of the tour stops in Benevento, home of the legend of witches. An aura of history permeates the ancient land of the Samnites, named Beneventum by the Romans. It is a Province filled with archaeological sites and marvelous landscapes. Entering it is akin to blurring the confines of present and past and means discovering the folkloric and gastronomic traditions that root themselves in distant history. 

Once you’ve finished immersing yourself in history, this trip moves along to the wine area of Apulia, where you will have a private tour of a farm, with an organic vineyard garden. You will learn about it’s history, philosophy and production techniques.


DAYS 7-10 of the Southern Italy Tour:
Puglia & Naples

The final few days of this tour takes you to Puglia, where you will visit Alberobello (Ostuni). Alberobello is a place considered unique all over the world for its “trulli”, the original stone buildings with the cone-shaped roof. Mysterious crosses, hearts and zodiac symbols decorate the roof of each trullo. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. After visiting the “white town”, you will travel back to Naples where you will have a day of leisure before you depart.

southern italy tour

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