regata storica venice

Regata Storica Venice and Red Regatta: a very First Class Experience

Sail in the San Marco Basin with Red Regatta and then attend the Regata Storica Venice from a private palace above Canal Grande. A unique experience to admire the art project of Melissa McGill and an exclusive event, in the San Marco basin.

Our Regata Storica Venice and Red Regatta Package starts from
£ 1990.
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In Venice, on September 1, 2019, thanks to the Municipality of Venice, the Regata Storica Venice will be opened by Red Regatta. The site-specific work, which will anticipate the Regata Storica, was conceived as a spectacular performance on the water, created with 50 traditional boats armed with «al terzo» sails, which – navigating together- will create a dynamic choreography.
Each boat will have custom-made and hand-painted sails in 50 different shades of red, specially created by the artist.

The performance will involve the San Marco basin, celebrating the millennial culture and maritime history of Venice and its lagoon and also intending to draw attention to climate change and mass tourism which threaten the future of the city.

Red Regatta is the first work of art to be registered as Clean Regatta, a Sailors for the Sea program that mobilizes navigators for the protection of the oceans through good practices and activism.

regata storica venice

Regata Storica Venice and Red Regatta: The programme

12:00: meeting at the Zattere and departure of Red Regatta towards the San Marco basin; guests can follow the regatta from electric motor boats. When guests wish, they can return to the Zattere at the Magazzini del Sale for a light lunch.

• From 2.30 pm: transfer to Canal Grande where guests will be welcomed in a private palace from
which to watch the Regata Storica until sunset with a cocktail service.

The artist, Melissa McGill, will join guests at the Palazzo on the Canal Grande in the afternoon. Each guest will be given a screen-printed cotton tote bag, a screen-printed cotton shirt and a silk-screened aluminum bottle (all these items are designed specifically for Red Regatta by Waterhouse Cifuentes studio in New York)
Maximum number of guests: 50.

Regata Storica Venice and Red Regatta Package includes:

• 3 night stay at 5* JW Marriott in Venice, in a Deluxe Double Room with a Buffet Breakfast – from August 30th to September 2nd.
• The Experience of Red Regatta and Regata Storica Venice
• Private Deluxe Transfer
• A donation in favor of the artist of £800.

Price: £ 1990 per person per package.

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