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New Year’s Eve Sicily Tours: experience the Sicilian richness

Our Sicily Tours will unveil the secret richness of this magic island


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The Sicily Tours, arranged in the occasion of the New Year’s Eve, will highlight the true nature of Sicily: a combination of cultural and scenic attractions on one side and vibrant nighlife, shopping and eating on the other side. Sicily has such a all-year -round appeal. Sicily is one of the Mediterranean’s most fascinating island. Its richness is historical, stylistic, culinary and human.

Taormina Tour

The Sicily Tours will start with with Taormina, the perfect holiday spot, famous for its breathtaking view, the beautifully restored mediaeval building, the Greek Theatre, and lovely shops, bars and restaurants. Taormina incorporates all Sicily’s styles and historical periods: Romans, Greeks, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, French and Spanish dominations.

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Syracuse Tour

The second stop of our Sicily Tours will be Syracuse, where you will immerse yourself in the stunning Archaeological Area with the Greek Theatre, the Roman Amphitheatre, the Altar of Hieron II and the Paradise’s Latomies with the “Dionysius Ear”. Following, visit of Ortigia Island with the Arethusa’s Fountain, the Temple of Apollo and the Cathedral. The Tour will end with a delicious tasting in a cheese factory inside the typical Syracuse market.

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Caltagirone and Mount Etna Tour

The Sicily Tours will  continue with the enchanting Caltagirone, the city of a thousands faces and famous for its wonderful ceramics, that inspired many designers like Dolce & Gabbana. The last day will be dedicated to Etna Valley, with its spectacular and breathtaking view. Mount Etna has been designated a Decade Vulcano by the United Nations and is part of UNESCO World Heritage Site List. The Sicily Tour will end with and evening Italian Lyrics song at Metropolitan theatre in Catania.

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New Year’s Eve Sicily Tours
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