Easter in Sardinia

 With the Easter celebrations just around the corner, today’s blog is all about the traditional Sardinian bread “Coccoi a Pitzus”.  As the ancient Sardinian proverb goes ‘Chie hat pane, mai no morit’ – ‘with bread you will never die’.


This very elaborate type of bread is popular to mark the beginning of a special occasion such as weddings (Coccoi De Is Sposus = Bread of the Bride) and Easter (Coccoi Cun S’Ou = Bread with Egg). The bread is made using the island’s typical durum wheat flour, semolina, and it is prepared with all sorts of decorations! The Coccoi Cun S’Ou will have an egg in the middle as a symbol of rebirth, some may even paint the egg red to symbolise blood as the essence of life. According to Sardinian tradition, the Coccoi Cun S’Ou was given as a gift to children as a symbol of good luck. Baking this type of bread is still popular in many Sardinian’s villages at Easter-time.The Sardinian Coccoi Cun S’Ou comes in many shapes, such as coronet, chick, baby-girl, peewit, fish, fruits and flowers. The important thing is that you add the egg!



The recipe below is the most simple version we have found. Feel free to experiment and do send us a picture if you get baking this weekend!
– 1 kg of wheat flour
– 30 grams of beer yeast base
– Warm water
– 1 Egg
– A pinch of sea salt


You will need the following – 


– Mixer (if using one) you may also use a bowl to mix the ingredients
– Rolling pin
– Wavy rotary cutter
– Small knife
– Long wooden paddle
Wooden base




You can use either a mixer or a bowl to make the dough. Simply add the flour, salt and warm water into the mixer or bowl. Mix and kneed the dough until it is smooth but not too elastic. Then use a rolling pin to stretch the dough out on a wooden base.


Start shaping the dough until it is circular or semi-circular in shape (with a hole in the centre and flattened at the extremities). After shaping the dough, cover it with a towel and put them away for at least two hours.


Meanwhile, prepare the oven, set the temperature at 200 – 250 degrees (this will depend on your oven). Using a wavy rotary cutter, cut small triangles around the outer part, the Pitzus, of the dough. Place the egg in the hole. Using a long wooden paddle place the ‘coccoi’ including the egg on a baking tray in the oven and bake for 50 minutes.


found in blobeholidays.net

  Take out and enjoy your piece of art.  Happy Easter!