Autumn sees Italy come alive with some of the best food festivals in the world. In the season of harvest and foraging for Porcini mushrooms, we’re excited about this year’s La Sagra di Tartufo Bianco D’Alba, Alba’s Annual White Truffle Festival.
 The town of Alba is situated in the Piedmont region of Italy; where truffle hunters and their canine companions forage in the Italian forests each autumn for the prize they await all year long —the white Alba truffle. It’s nicknames also include White Gold, the world’s most prized delicacy are named after Alba, a medieval town located about an hour’s train ride southeast of Turin. Alba is also the birth place to many other culinary delights such as wine, jam, and nocciola, a creamy hazelnut chocolate.  
Alba holds the International White Truffle Fair every year on the weekend from early October through mid-November. 2014 festivities take place this year in October 11 – November 16. The festival begins with the Alba’s traditional Donkey Palio, a historical reenactment featuring donkey races and a grand procession of a thousand locals dressed in full medieval costume.  
Visit the World Market to sample and purchase pricey truffle-infused olive oil, sea salt, butter, creams, sauces, pasta, and risotto.  

If this festival whets your appetite, you can talk to one of our specialist sales team about how to get you there on 0208 973229.